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Little Darling Dogs' Terms & Conditions


Before we consider a dog for any of our services, a consultation and introductory meeting must be carried out in advance at our home first. This is to check the compatibility of your dog and find out about him/her.

During the consultation we will discuss: Medical/Vaccinations, Behaviours, Exercise, Food & Diets, Routines at Home, Boarding details. Please bring your dog’s vaccination/medical card with you. We will email a copy of our Consultation & Behavioural Questionnaire prior to the agreed consultation date for you to fill in.

It is your ( the owner’s) responsibility to provide comprehensive details on your dog. You must be completely honest about any traits, vices or behavioural problems, both positive & negative (however small). We rely on this information to be able to manage any issues and provide a good experience and quality of service for your dog. Any misinformation may jeopardise your dog’s stay with us. We are not qualified trainers or behaviourists; however, we will do our best to manage any situation or issue that arises, and will source guidance from other professionals, if necessary. We may need to contact you if your dog exhibits any behaviours not previously disclosed.


The standard daily boarding rate is currently £20 per dog / day. Please note: Double rates are applicable during Easter, Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years Day.

Emergency / 2nd Contact

Without an emergency / secondary contact we cannot board your dog.

If you do not come to collect your dog on the collection date agreed, unless we have been contacted and advised in advance, your nominated person will be contacted to collect your dog. If they fail to collect, and we have not been contacted by you, the contract will be terminated and dog will be re-homed/taken to a rescue centre.


School holidays, particularly during summer, are a very busy time for us so we recommend that you confirm any dates for boarding as soon as possible. Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid. We cannot hold bookings without a deposit.


A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking. Full/balance payments for the booking must be made on the day of your dog's arrival. (Cash, cheque or online.) Late payments may jeopardise your booking, and you may need to source an alternative option.

Cancellation fees

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. There will be no refund if cancellation is less than 48 hours’ notice. Cancellation within 3-7 days notice will be charged at 50% of the remaining booking cost.

Termination of Boarding

If you fail to disclose any negative behavioural problems during the consultation or 14 days prior to the intended stay, if your dog shows any aggressive tendencies, bites our dog, other dogs or humans, is uncontrollable, destructive or shows unreasonable behaviour, the boarding agreement will be terminated with immediate effect. You will be advised accordingly, however this may be less than 24 hours’ notice. You accept that your dog will be placed in an appropriate local pet boarding/kennels or with your emergency contact. A £25.00 transfer charge will be applicable. Any costs incurred for the alternative boarding/kennel will be your responsibility. You also agree to pay the cost of any injury/damage caused by your dog to us, our home, our dog or other boarders. No refund will be given.

Health & Welfare

We insist on all dogs having current annual booster vaccinations before boarding with us, (at least 4 weeks prior to their intended stay). Where possible, all dogs must have their kennel cough (KC) vaccination at least 3 weeks prior to arrival. This is for the protection of your dog, our dog, all other boarders and any dogs they may come in contact with; it is also required for insurance purposes and as part of the licence provided by the council licence. We currently do not take titre tested only dogs. Your dog must have been appropriately treated for external & internal parasites with an appropriate product authorised by VMD and in accordance with veterinary advice before entry to home boarding. At consultation you are required to bring the vaccination booklet, so we can keep a copy on record and evidence (i.e. container box) of the drops or tablets you have given your dog to prevent parasites. Further proof of vaccinations and treatments may be requested and must be presented no later than 28 days before arrival, via e-mail, text, WhatsApp.

Failure to produce a copy of the vaccination record may jeopardise your booking.

We do not take dog that have been ill within the last 24 hours, nor a dog who has had an infectious disease within 21 days prior to boarding.

Un-Spayed/Entire Dogs

Little Darling Dogs is not licensed to board any dogs which are not neutered or spayed.


We are experienced in giving tablets & liquid medication orally, as well as ear/eye drops.

Nail Clipping

Where possible, please ensure your dog has had its nails clipped & filed to remove rough/sharp edges, before boarding with us, to avoid accidental injury.

Veterinary Release & Instruction

We are registered with our local vet, BISHOP'S STORTFORD VETERINARY HOSPITAL,   Rye St, Bishop's Stortford CM23 2HA. It is your responsibility to contact your veterinary practice prior to the agree boarding/daycare stay to inform them that your dog will be boarding with us.

If your dog becomes ill or injured while boarding with us, it will be necessary for us to contact our registered vet for advice or to take them in for a medical consultation. If you request, we will contact you (if possible & if time allows) in the first instance, or your emergency contact prior to contacting the vet. We request that you provide permission for us to approve necessary treatment; you, as the owner will assume full responsibility and pay for any required treatment.

You agree that Little Darling Dogs is authorised to take your dog to our registered veterinary practice for treatment, and they will contact your vets for your dog’s records. We strongly suggest that you have an insurance policy in place. Little Darling Dogs cannot be held responsible for any veterinary treatment that may result in loss, injury or death of your dog.

NOTE If your dog is registered with a veterinary practice in Bishops Stortford, we will take your dog to your vet.


All dogs should be insured wherever possible by the owner & insurance details given.

Dog ID Tags

All dogs who use our services must wear a collar tag even if they walk with a harness/haltie. The Control of Dogs Order (1992) states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name, address (including postcode), and contact number of the owner engraved or written on a tag. Please ensure your dog has a sturdy collar before they arrive. We will remove your ID tag and provide your dog with one of our ID tags during their stay with us.


Your dog will receive 2 daily walks of a minimum of 40 minutes each walk, unless this is not suitable for your dog. During their stay all dogs will be walked on a lead when they are out, unless you have given written permission that they can be off lead at certain times. We will always leash your dogs near roads. An off-lead permission /disclaimer form signed by the owner will be required. If your dog cannot be exercised for veterinary reasons we will plan an alternative form of enrichment for them.

Please note that we walk other dogs, including our own, so there are times where we may need to leave your dog alone at our home.

Permissions & Consent

Under the new regulations we require owners to sign specific permissions so that we can carry out certain activities with your dogs during their stay. These permissions are included in the consultation questionnaire.

What We Provide

We will provide a comfortable, loving home environment, mental stimulation, nutrition, adventures, physical exercise, enrichment and socialisation of your dog with other dogs and humans. We will interact with them, feed them and make sure they always have fresh water and are provided with any medication required. They will have free run of our garden which is enclosed, safe and secure.

What Owners Provide

All food is to be provided by the owner (please ensure you bring enough for their entire stay), as well as any necessary equipment (bedding, crates, harnesses/transport harness, coats) treats, grooming equipment, & any relevant medication.

Paperwork (required for licence)

All clients must complete & sign all relevant paperwork, including our terms & conditions, consultation & behaviour questionnaire, which includes the veterinary release instruction form & off-lead permissions, any permission requests and a privacy notice form. By signing the consultation questionnaire you agree to accept and are contractually bound by our terms & conditions. You also agree that the information recorded on the document during consultation is accurate.

Licensing & Insurance

All businesses that provide boarding services, whether it is a kennel or in a home, must be registered & licensed under the Animal Welfare Act (1963) & comply to the regulations set under The Animal Welfare Regulation 2018. Little Darling Dogs is licensed by East Herts Council. We are inspected annually and are required to keep a register of any animal boarding for inspection by a vet or council approved officer. We are insured for Public Liability. We recommend that you always ask to see the boarder’s licence and insurance before committing to an agreement.

Confidentiality Policy

Client confidentiality will always be maintained, details will be kept private and will never be used for any purpose other than caring for your dog.

Days of Business

We are open throughout the year, although we will inform our regular clients of any holiday dates in advance.

Daily Restrictions (number of boarders)

Our boarding licence dictates the numbers of little dogs we can have staying on any given day. We are licensed for a maximum of 3 small dogs boarding. We operate on a first come (deposit paid), first served basis. If we have full capacity, we will recommend other licensed boarders.


If you are unsure about something, please feel free to ask. We will do our best to answer any questions.

Our Terms & Conditions are at times reviewed & updated. We will ensure you receive an updated version.

I agree to Little Darling Dogs’s Terms and Conditions and I am aware that I am contractually bound by them.

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