t: 01279 659362, m: 07891 791421, e: littledarlingdogs@gmail.com

making a booking for your little darling dogs

out for a walk

The first step is give me a call on 07891 791421 or 01279 659362, or send an email with your requirements to littledarlingdogs@gmail.com.

Then we can arrange a convenient time for you to come and check us out. I'll be delighted to show you around and introduce your little darling dogs to my little darling Ivy.

If you feel comfortable and your dog is happy, we can confirm your booking and I'll give you a Booking Form to fill out and return with your deposit. Your booking will then be confirmed.


our service

Your dogs will be provided with comfy bedding, bowls, toys and all home-from-home comforts, indoors, in my home with me. I also have a selection of dog cages if they prefer to sleep in one. However, your dog may prefer their own bed. If so, please don't forget it.

Your dogs will have 2 one hour walks a day, weather permitting and according to the age and ability of your dogs, at my discretion. Your dogs will also enjoy games, playing, TLC & treats.

your deposit and payment

A deposit is required for stays of more than 5 days.

Deposits can be paid by cash, PayPal, online banking or by cheque (payable to KW Seegar), and should be returned with your completed Booking Form. Please note that your booking is NOT confirmed until your deposit has been received.

For stays of one week, the deposit is £50 per dog, for 2 weeks, £100, for 3 weeks, £150, etc.

booking form

Download Booking Form HERE and return with your deposit.

Balance of payment is due on the day your little darling dog is dropped off at the beginning of the stay.

NOTE Deposits can only be returned if your cancellation occurs, and is notified to me, more than 7 days before commencement of the booking.

what you need to bring

Food, Beds, Medication, Completed Booking Form, Balance of Payment.

I can supply fresh food daily if you require it, at a small additional charge. (Ivy has Barking Heads, as advised by the wonderful staff at Fin & Fur.) All treats are from Fin & Fur or Waitrose and are free from nasties, organic where possible.

Your dogs may prefer their own food and treats, so please pop enough in their suitcase for their stay. We don't want upset tummies!

If your dogs like to wear a coat in the rain and have one of their own, please pop that in their suitcase, too.

I can administer oral and topical medication if required, so please don't forget it.

little darling dogs only

I don't accept large dogs (bigger than a very small Cocker Spaniel), un-neutered male dogs or bitches in season or about to be in season. Puppies are only accepted at my discretion if they are VERY well-behaved.

vaccinations, fleas and worms, insurance

I don't accept any dog unless it has been vaccinated against, and has had annual boosters for, Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospira canicola, Leptospira icterohaemorrhaigiae, and Kennel Cough, been wormed within the last 3 months, is up to date with flea and tick treatments and has no undisclosed medical history.

I don't accept any uninsured dogs.

if your dog becomes ill

If your dog becomes ill or suffers an accident, every effort will be made to contact you, the Owner, for instructions.

If this proves impossible or impracticable, Little Darling Dogs reserves the right, in emergencies, to use the services, at the expense of the Owner, of Bishops Stortford Veterinary Hospital, Rye Street, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 2HA,

Tel: 01279 654108.

terms & conditions

All dogs at Little Darling Dogs will be under the immediate care and control of Wendy Seegar. They may, however, from time to time, be taken on walks or looked after by part-time but experienced staff. We reserve the right, and only in the interest of the dog, to place the dog with other experienced carers if the need should arise.

Little Darling Dogs reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to return dogs during the contract period. This may be as a result of an emergency (eg. as the result of an infectious illness) or if a bitch comes into season, or because a dog is unsettling other dogs. Owners who are going on holiday are therefore required to provide an emergency UK contact and phone number.

If a dog should be returned for any reason other than the behaviour of that dog, or if it has come into season, the unused period will not be charged.

Dogs are accepted on the basis of the information provided in the Booking Form, and Little Darling Dogs cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of a dog exhibiting behaviour not predictable from the information disclosed in the Booking Form or by the Owner.